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Become a Space4Climate member

11 October, 2021  |  Reading time: 5 minutes

Welcome to Space4Climate, the UK’s thriving climate data from space group and your gateway to reliable and trusted connections in space-enabled data and climate services.

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Space4Climate is hosted by the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO). Our member organisations span industry (from SMEs to multi-nationals), academia, Third Sector, funders and government, including the UK GEO/CEOS Office and the European Space Agency’s Climate Office.

The UK space sector is world-leading in designing, delivering and utilising high quality climate science and data from satellites. These data sets offer evidence and assurance for climate finance, risk disclosure, monitoring climate change and taking climate action in the race to net zero.

Our mission is to ensure a seamless supply chain of trusted climate data from space so that the UK offers a growing, supportive environment for the development of quality-assured products and services enabling climate-smart decisions, disclosures and climate-sensitive planning, promoting global economic and societal benefit. We help to connect international organisations seeking to collaborate with our world-leading climate expertise.

Benefits of joining Space4Climate

Membership of Space4Climate provides effective opportunities to grow your climate business and climate science network, raise your profile, shares alerts for UK funding and facilitates cross-member partnerships to deliver world-beating solutions and world-class climate science from the UK.

Space4Climate acts as a neutral broker connecting UK producers and global users of trusted Earth observation, weather and positioning data and actionable space-enabled climate analytics and services. We respond rapidly to emerging needs and develop new opportunities and collaborations.

Space4Climate members work together in delivering, sustaining and making use of trusted climate data from space.

Space4Climate provides community coordination to identify and remove barriers to enable a seamless supply chain of climate data from space assets to the users.

The group is chaired by the UK Space Agency and we have close working links to Government ministries and departments, including the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) the Department for International Trade (DIT), the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Space4Climate membership offer

Space4Climate provides a collaborative environment to facilitate the development of trusted climate services to meet user and/or market requirements. We do this through:

  • Quarterly meetings where members report back their activities; hear updates direct from government; discuss key developments and issues in the supply chain and promote opportunities to collaborate
  • Focused Task Groups (link)
  • Bringing leading scientists around the table to establish response, consensus and thought leadership
  • Convening workshops to gather community input into emerging government policy and programmes
  • Data demonstrators and visualisations (link)
  • Capacity-building and knowledge exchange
  • Media and engagement training
  • New member pitching opportunity
  • Connections and contact-building
  • Member and stakeholder introductions
  • Signposting to trusted sources of relevant and reliable expertise

With focused presence at national and international forums, high-level meetings, workshops and consultation with policy-makers, access to leading academics at the cutting-edge of climate science and a growing library of high-quality assets, Space4Climate is a valuable and productive community.

How we represent the EO community

Space4Climate represents the community at international, national and regional level.

We are proactive members of the UK Earth Observation (EO) COP26 Science High-Level Working Group and the London Climate Change Partnership.

We contribute to the UK Climate Resilience Programme’s Climate Services Standards and Value project, ensuring that the requirements of the EO community are represented.

We raise the profile of UK expertise, products and services, identifying climate services user requirements and facilitating and brokering new market growth opportunities through:

  • Sector & industry events and exhibitions
  • Case studies feeding into COP26
  • Government teach-ins
  • Empowerment of members through practical support and resources to represent the UK community
  • Promoting a pool of expert communicators from among our members for Media comment and through our S4C COP Champions

Join the Space4Climate community

Space4Climate is funded by the community, for the community. We operate a sliding scale of member contributions. The financial contributions cover the cost of group coordination, administration and activities of the group. ​

All UK-based industry members are able to attend S4C meetings free of charge, with privileges for fee-paying industrial members.

If an opportunity arises with public funding, procurement is open and all members will be alerted and are able to participate and respond on an equal basis.

The following non-mandatory minimum contributions apply (as at July, 2021):

  1. £5k/year standard industrial fee
  2. £2.5k for industrial organisations with <50 members of staff employed in their UK business.

Detailed terms and conditions are set out on the member application page (link).

We look forward to working with you!

Briony Turner
Climate Services Development Manager, Space4Climate