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Climate and EO data for international aid and sustainable recovery

Task Groups  |  22 January, 2021  |  Reading time: 2 minutes


Develop a menu of S4C member products, services and expertise in deployment of data and expert knowledge to international aid resilience and recovery climate services. Support development of projects and resources in the community through sharing of learning outcomes. This will include identifying where there is the potential for capacity building through training and infrastructure access as well as re-purposing and augmentation of existing tools and data products to meet emerging user requirements.

This Task Group is a technical group with a focus on providing bespoke support, expertise and service products to users working in the area of green recovery, resilience and sustainable development. Space4Climate is able to support international partners in resilient recovery efforts by coordinating UK expertise and infrastructure resources for partners’ national and international recovery and resilience projects.

Task Group Chair

  • Claire MacIntosh

Objective: Through partnerships and case studies, develop targeted approaches to exploiting climate data from space that are specific to the needs of end user groups.

Task 1: scope and map current and emerging relevant climate EO capability for three pilots with the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data as part of their Combating the Covid19 pandemic in Africa programme

Task 2: development of a prototype /content for training for identified case studies. Scope possibilities for leveraging UK infrastructure and remote data access – for example for remotely hosted services.


  • Claire MacIntosh, NCEO – University of Reading
  • Olga Cowings, GPSDD
  • Briony Turner, S4C
  • Donna Lyndsay, Ordnance Survey
  • Esther Conway, STFC
  • Sarah Johnson, NCEO-University of Leicester
  • Gerado Lopez Saldana, Assimila
  • Sophia Burke, Ambiotek
  • Susana Baena, CGI
  • Input from the CCI and Food task groups via Caitlin Douglas, King’s College London and Darren Ghent NCEO-University of Leicester