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Food supply chain climate resilience Task Group

Task Groups  |  18 January, 2021  |  Reading time: 2 minutes


Showcase how EO data can be used to assess the food supply-chain’s climate-related risks and support the investment chain, supply chain and National and Sub-National Government in climate action for improved climate resilience

This Task Group is a technical group with a focus on the UK’s global food supply chain’s climate resilience and stress-testing.  It draws on expertise and input of the wider Space4Climate community to facilitate organisations throughout the food supply chain to better understand the risks and opportunities posed by climate change, make climate informed decisions. We draw on the end-to-end capability we have across our membership to design, manufacture, launch, analyse and integrate climate data into climate informed decision support services.

Task Group Chair

  • Katherine Elsom, Airbus Defence and Space


Map existing and future capability suitable for use in food supply climate risk disclosure, stress-testing, monitoring (including efficacy of climate action) and decision support.

  • Task 1 –scope and map current and emerging relevant climate EO capability
  • Task 2 – scope user requirements and development of specification(s) for satellite climate data related tool(s) and decision support services


  • Caitlin Douglas, King’s College London (Secretariat)
  • Dr Sarah Johnson, University of Leicester
  • Dr Darren Ghent, NCEO – University of Leicester
  • Alan Whitelaw, CGI
  • Mohamad Nobakht, Telespazio UK
  • Gerardo Lopez Saldana, Assimila
  • Katherine Elsom, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Richard Bater,  Acclimatise Group Ltd /Willis Towers Watson