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Urban vegetation health and climate resilience Task Group

Task Groups  |  21 January, 2021  |  Reading time: 1 minute


Foster use of EO data to monitor urban vegetation health, climate risks posed and support land managers in climate resilience and optimisation of green infrastructure ecosystem and urban climate services.

Green infrastructure provides essential climate services. However, it can also place additional climate stressors if the maintenance requirements and functionality are not stress-tested against climate projections. There is a need of more advanced tools for monitoring, managing and enhancing green infrastructure. Earth Observation (EO) data is well placed to address these challenges faced by land managers of public and private green spaces regarding operational maintenance of GI.

Task Group Chair

  • Vacant

Objective: Map existing and future capability suitable for use in food supply climate risk disclosure, stress-testing, monitoring (including efficacy of climate action) and decision support.

Task 1: scope and map current and emerging relevant climate EO capability.

Task 2: scope user requirements and development of specification(s) for satellite climate data related tool(s) and decision support services.


  • Airbus
  • Assimila
  • CGI
  • Defra – Natural England
  • GMV
  • Met Office
  • NCEO – UCL and Leicester
  • Open University
  • Telespazio Vega UK
  • [Associate member] Alejhandro Dussaillant University of Middlesex