Even by Space4Climate’s high standards, 2021 has been an incredibly busy year – from the success of two jam-packed weeks at COP26, right back to Space2Connect in January! We’ve picked out our S4C Top Ten highlights of the year.

European Space Agency and UK astronaut Tim Peake and a panel of Space4Climate’s Earth observation experts were quizzed by young people at our stand at COP26 in November.

Inspired by their work with the Peatlands Task Group, members of Ordnance Survey participating in the FCA Sustainability TechSprint, integrated satellite data into their winning proposal, the Decentralised Carbon Offsetting Platform (DeCO). The FCA Sustainability TechSprint took place  18-21 October.  TechSprints are events that bring together participants from across and outside of financial services to … Continue reading “Innovating with satellite data to support regulators in tracking and verifying carbon offsetting”