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Atmosphere  |  01 March, 2020  |  Reading time: 2 minutes

SMEETH: space for monitoring environmental effects on health

SMEETH is a tool designed to handle massive amounts of atmospheric satellite data, modelled air quality and meteorological data with correlated geo-referenced medical records. The tool will support:

  • Health researchers in measuring the exposure to air pollution, development of biomarkers, and evaluating the links between atmospheric factors and disease incidence.
  • Hospital managers and policy-makers will be beneficed by facilitating data processing and analysis capacity.


Exploring the emerging trends between concentrations of atmospheric pollutants and medical consequences requires sophisticated holistic analyses. The prototyped web-based GIS platform, will facilitate the data processing and support layered visualisation of large datasets, analysis of the information and decision-making.

UK expertise

SMEETH is a GMV-UK study funded by the ESA Business Applications programme Kickstart Activities for Commercial Climate Services. The team at GMV are integrating into the SMEETH tool prototype their health-related climate services. SMEETH will use data from Sentinel-3 OLCI, Sentinel-5p, Envisat MERIS and AURA OMI instruments. This will be complemented with ECMWF meteorological and CAMS air quality products.

GMV Innovating solutions Ltd (GMV UK) is a British company with expertise in devising Space-based Applications and Technologies, as well as Robotics and Autonomy and Ground segment for EO and Telecoms.

EO Applications at GMV are developed within the Remote Sensing Applications and Exploitation Platforms Division (RSEP). This team is a key technological partner within European Earth Observation Programme, COPERNICUS and related operational services. GMV has ample experience working for international organizations such as ESA, the European Commission and Eumetsat.