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Vegetation health for visitor & leisure attractions in a changing climate

Events, LCCP  |  03 July, 2020  |  Reading time: 1 minute

03 July 15:00–16:00 BST  |  Online event

How to ensure that our green spaces thrive in a changing climate

Green space is increasingly recognised and promoted for its social and environmental benefits - including health and well-being, as a sanctuary for habitats and species, and for its ability to keep us cool and mitigate flooding.

As our climate changes and we see higher temperatures and more potential for water restrictions, how can we make sure that our greening strategies are resilient?

This event brought together colleagues from policy, data science, and the environment sector to showcase what satellite data can tell us about the state of our green spaces, the risks posed under different climate scenarios, and how to keep them robust. Colleagues from the leisure industry talked about their strategies to manage green attractions. The Greater London Authority provided an overview of current policies and programmes promoting greening in London.

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